What is Pagatelia?

  1. Pagatelia is the first Spanish company dedicated exclusively to the electronic toll collection. Founded in 2010, the satisfaction of our users vouches for us :)
  2. Our VIA-T mobe® device is the only one that allows you to pay without stopping or queueing in every highway in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. In addition, you can pay in the most convenient way in more than 500 car parks.
  3. VIA-T is the only way to benefit form descounts offered by highways, exclusive for electronic toll collection users.

Our philosophy

  • Transparency: We will inform you about the cost of our services in a transparent and clear way.

  • Low prices: We are committed to maintain our low price policies, so that you can enjoy our services with the lowest prices of the market

  • Service quality: In Pagatelia we believe that low prices are not incompatible with providing the best service. That’s why we work to provide you the best user experience.

  • Innovation: We provide our clients with the latest technology

  • Eco-friendly: We believe that environmental sustainability and technology must go together, that  is why we opt for electronic invoicing. Thus, invoice by invoice and ticket by ticket, we save paper and help the environment.

  • Alliances: Thanks to our partnerships with leading companies in the facilitation of payments and mobility, we generate positive synergies. This has enabled us to launch the first device interoperable in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.


  • We comply with every security and data protection standard, so our clients just have to worry about enjoying their trip.

We are...

  • A professional team that works since 2010 in order to make Pagatelia possible. Focusing on providing the best user experience and customer care are our distinguishing marks.


  • Above all, thanks to you and each of our clients, we improve day by day, because you are our reason to pursue the excellence in our service.

Thank you!