Resolve all your queries regarding VIA-T mobe®

Keep in mind that toll discounts, as they are tariffs approved by public administration, depend on concessionaires and are equal for every VIA-T issuer. Pagatelia is not responsible of the discount policies, terms or modifications. Also take into account that they are only available for heavy (recurrent) users.

Where can I get discounts?

In our discount map you may check every discount available.

How can I benefit from discounts?

You can check our informative site to see how can you access your discount.

Bear in mind that discounts do not depend on Pagatelia, but on concessionaires’ policies, which is the reason why the requisites for the discounts and their application may vary from highway to highway. Some discount programs may require you to register.


How are discounts applied?

Discounts may be immediate (a discount % will be applied to the amount of the toll) or monthly (reflected as a credit in your account, making your balance increase).

In your Pagatelia account, in the ‘consumptions’ section you can check your transits and the amounts debited or credited. If you want to know more about your Payment Account, click here.

How can I claim a discount not applied?

Pagatelia is an intermediary in the payment and cannot be held responsible of the discount policy or their application. Pagatelia neither sets the requirements for accessing them. As concessionaires are in charge of managing discounts, you will have to make a claim before them. However, you may address us and we will facilitate you the direct contact of the highway. In case they revert some charge, you will see the charge back reflected in your Payment Account.