Resolve all your queries regarding VIA-T mobe®

Recuerda que solo ofrecemos nuestros servicios en Francia e Italia para vehículos ligeros (peso menor a 3,5 t y altura menor a 3 metros) y que no emitimos factura, sino justificante de pagos para los tránsitos realizados en la red francesa e italiana.

Which lanes should I use?

In Spain there are 2 types of lanes at toll stations:

a) Mixed lanes: They allow you to pay the toll both with VIA-T and with other payment methods (cash and/or card). They are identified with a white T on a blue squared background.

Logo-viat cuadrado

b) Exclusive lanes: lanes reserved for users with an electronic toll system. The signal that identifies them is round, with a white T on a blue background.

 VIAT Redondo


What should I do if the barrier does not open?

If the antenna does not detect the device and the barrier does not open, wait for an operator to assist you.  

You should NOT, in any case:

-Get out of the vehicle.

-Take the device out of the vehicle.

-Drive backwards.

Does VIA-T mobe® work in every highway in Spain?

Yes, VIAT works in every highway within the Spanish network.