Resolve all your queries regarding VIA-T mobe®

Remember that we only offer our services in France and Italy for light vehicles (weight less than 3.5 t and height less than 3 meters) and that we do not issue an invoice, but a proof of payment for transits made on the French and Italian network.

Does my VIA-T mobe® work in every Italian highway?

Yes, (only if you contracted the euromobe®) the service is available on all Italian motorways. You can consult them in the following link: Motorways in Italy

In addition, our service is also available in the following car parks and ferrys

Which lane should I use?

You must through the lanes with the 'Telepass' logo. Remember to leave a minimum distance of 4 metres between the vehicle in front and yours and reduce your speed to a maximum of 30 km/h. There are two types of lanes:

1) Exclusive lanes: Only for users using electronic toll devices.


2)  Mixed lanes: Other payment methods are also accepted.


Note: The Pedemontana Lombarda motorway uses a free-flow system. You must travel through the lanes marked with the Telepass logo.


I took a ticket for entering the highway, how can I pay?

If you have taken a ticket at the entrance of the motorway, you must drive on a mixed lane at the exit. Once you enter the ticket in the payment terminal, your VIA-T mobe® will be automatically detected by the toll station.

In the event that no mixed lane is available, you must exit through manual payment lane and hand the ticket to the operator, informing them that you want to make the payment using your VIA-T mobe®. 

What happens if I enter through a ETC lane and exit through a manual one?

You must tell the operator your entry station. If you use an automatic payment lane, you must press the "assistenza" button to communicate with an operator.

Are there special lanes for motorbikes?

There are special lanes for motorcycles (only those with a cylinder capacity of at least 150 cc are allowed on the motorways), marked with a yellow motorcycle symbol on the pavement and equipped with a rising half-barrier.


Does the service work on the Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels?

No, the service does not work in these tunnels. You will need to use alternative means of payment.

How can I make a claim regarding a transit made in Italy

If you have any claim regarding a transit made in Italy, please contact our customer service and we will handle it. 

How to pay on a ferry?

You must use the lanes marked with the Telepass logo. To complete the ferry ticket payment, follow the instructions signaled. You may need to stop your vehicle and pick up a proof of payment.