Resolve all your queries regarding VIA-T mobe®

How can I use VIA-T mobe® in car parks?

It depends on the type of parking. Most car parks have electronic toll collection antennas at the entrance and at the exit but there are some that only have them at the exit, so at the entrance you must take a ticket. 

Car parks with antennas at the entrance and exit: You can travel without stopping both at the entrance and at the time of exit.

via-t-entrance                   via-t-exit


Parkings with antennas only at the exit: You must take a ticket to enter. To get out, just approach the barrier and it will open automatically.

barier                     via-t-exit

In which parkings can I use it?

You can use it in the car parks adhered to the network in Spain, France and Italy. You can find an updated list in the following link: www.pagatelia.com/parkings

What do I do if I don't want to pay with VIA-T mobe®?

If you do not wish to pay with mobe®, for example, in those car parks where you have annual pass, you can introduce the VIA-T in the inhibitor bag in which we send you the device.