Resolve all your queries regarding VIA-T mobe®

Remember that we only offer our services in France and Italy for light vehicles (weight less than 3.5 t and height less than 3 meters) and that we do not issue an invoice, but a proof of payment for transits made on the French and Italian network.

Does my VIA-T mobe® work in every highway in France?

Yes, if you have subscribed or renewed your VIA-T mobe® after August 2017, the service is available on all motorways in France. If you don't remember it, you can check it in the 'mobes' tab of your user profile, checking if the first 8 digits of your PAN are 30864830 or 30864850.

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Which lane should I use?

You can identify this by the large orange ‘t’ symbol above the lane. There are four types of zones:

1) stop & go dedicated t lanes : (with an orange ‘t’) all vehicles are permitted here, even high and large trucks. Suitable for vehicles higher than 2 metres.


2) 30 km/h dedicated t lanes : For safety reasons and in order to allow the collection of data by the systems installed on lanes, you must slow down at 30 km per hour through the toll stations, and must maintain a safe distance (ca. 4 m) from the vehicle in front.


3)Reserved zone: (‘Réservé t’) with a height restriction of max. 2 metres., only for vehicles of Class 1 (max. 3, 500 kg).


4) Mixed zone: here you can pay by any means of payment, including cash and credit cards. The Device is accepted in these lanes only if there is an orange ‘t’ above the lane (note that passing through this lane can mean longer waiting times).

Faqs-zona-mixta-francia Faqs-zona-via-t

What happens if I enter through a ETC lane and exit through a manual one?

The operator will not be able to identify the transit you have made, as you do not have an entry ticket. Therefore, you will have to pay the maximum fare for your class of vehicle (toll calculated from the furthest entry point).

I took a ticket for entering the highway, how can I pay?

Use a lane with a green arrow (Faqs-zona-mixta-francia) at the next toll station and hand the device together with the ticket to the lane operator. If you use an automatic payment lane, enter the ticket in the payment terminal, which will recognize your device. Payment will be made through your VIA-T mobe®. If you need it, you can press on the 'help' button and an operator will assist you.

Is there a length limit for a caravan or trailer?

No there isn't any length limit for trailers nor caravans.

Does the system automatically detect the type of vehicle I am driving?

Yes, French motorways are equipped with systems that allow the automatic section of  the type of vehicle (e.g. caravan, car, car with trailer...).

How can I make a claim regarding a transit in France?

If you have any claim regarding a transit made in France, please contact our customer service and we will handle it. 

Does the service work on the Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels?

No, the service does not work in these tunnels. You will need to use alternative means of payment.